Orienteering is a part of Canadian Sport for Life (CS4L) and has a Long Term Athlete Development (LTAD) framework that guides the instruction/ development of athletes in the sport. Currently, Orienteering Canada is in the process of creating a unified Athlete Development Matrix (ADM) which will serve as a more in depth jumping off point for coaches to use in the creation and growth of junior orienteering programs. Orienteering Adventure Kids will be piloting what has been created so far in the ADM and reporting back to Orienteering Canada our findings and impressions. 

The LTAD looks at the creation of a person first, then an athlete, and finally a competitor. It is of upmost importance that youth experience a variety of sports and games when they are young while learning how to move and use their body (physical literacy). There are 4 Corners that are integral to the LTAD and they are: Sport Technical/Tactical/Strategic Skills, Mental Skills, Physical Capacity (Literacy), and Life Skills. All these elements when taught with respect to developmental age create active for life athletes. 

Our goal is that young athletes enjoy their time orienteering, gain some skills, and become active for life no matter where their lives take them!